Healthier Living with Diabetes for Indian People
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Photo of Al Cross
"We can raise awareness about this disease and make changes in ourselves and in our communities, and through this diabetes will no longer thrive." Al Cross (Mandan/Hidatsa)

Photo of Jimi Simmons
"I thought about making a change in my life to be healthier. I looked at my two young sons, and I thought to myself that I wanted to be around to raise them. I made a change for them." Jimi Simmons (Muckleshoot/Grand Rhonde), with Stanford investigator Valarie Jernigan (Choctaw)

Cheryl Marsden
"I have a good feeling inside me. I am learning how to control my diabetes, not let my diabetes control me. My vision has improved, I have lost weight, and I am so thankful. I have a good feeling inside me now." Cheryl Marsden (Haida/Tlingit/ Tsimshean)

Healthier Living with Diabetes Workshop and Study for Native American People

Healthier Living with Diabetes is a workshop and study given over the Internet. Due to the impact of diabetes among the Native American population, Healthier Living with Diabetes was created in collaboration with Native American and other community members and health professionals. You'll see on this page some of the Native people who have participated in and led the program.

We have completed enrollment for this study.

What is the Diabetes Workshop and Study?

  • A 6 week, highly-interactive, online small-group workshop
  • A research study to evaluate the workshop's effectiveness

Who may participate?

  • Adults living in the United States with type 2 diabetes

Benefits of joining

  • Learn to manage your symptoms better
  • Learn to manage your blood glucose (sugar) better
  • Learn ways to balance food, exercise, medication and stress
  • Learn tips to manage your day-to-day activities
  • Get support from others with diabetes
  • Share your experiences and help others

We have completed enrollment for this study!

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Photo of Valarie and LaVerne
"I thought getting diabetes was just part of being Indian. Now I know that isn't the truth. We can do something about this disease - we can manage our diabetes and live a healthy life" LaVerne Roberts (Paiute) with Stanford investigator Valarie Jernigan (Choctaw)